Final Fantasy XIV: RR 1st Impression Thread

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn' started by towelliee, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. towelliee

    towelliee Administrator Staff Member

    After you have played the game come here and let us all know what you think about the game. Be honest and fair about it too!
  2. Valraven

    Valraven New Member

    My first impressions of the game are simple. Amazing. This game has simple questing that doesn't get repetative or boring. Yes, it does have the go kill X mobs, and talk the these people, but it's not like other MMO's where they keep chaining those back to back, they mix it up very well for you. Also, you kinda quest at your own pace, going where you want to and doing whatever quest you can handle if you can handle it.

    When you are tired of questing, go level a profession. I've had a blast with professions this open beta. You have to complete your level 10 class quest to get a profession. You switch to the class, and you are back at level 1, with all new gear to aquire for that profession. I love fishing as well. Knowing what bait to use where to catch specific fish for quests and cooking is really cool. I also love that you can fail your crafting. Why? Because not everyone is perfect, you can make a mistake while making armor and have to scrap it. Yea, it might get annoying late game when mats are more expensive and what-not, but it's still not bad, and you have ways to avoid it as you level more in that profession.

    Travel throughout the town is great with the stones. Makes it so much easier to navigate the big towns. I just kinda wish you could click on the map to do it. Chocobo travel, airship, and ferry travel come later as well, and you will have to do some of these to get some of the professions. For instance, my MRD can't get mining until he does his level 15 class quest and takes the airship to Ul'something city where the miner's guild is. But that doesn't stop me from leveling armorsmithing or blacksmithing, because in my main town, The L L one, forget the name, there are Freelance merchants who sell the low level mats to get started.

    The combat flows very well in the game too. I like the red cones it shows to say "Hey, the mob is about to hit in this area." I haven't tried tanking a dungeon yet, as I was about to que at 15, the servers went down and I came here to write this. The Hunter's Log is pretty cool too, giving you something else to do by running around finding these specific mobs at their level and killing them for extra xp.

    All in all, this game has so much in it, it's hard not to like it, even love it. The entire time I'm on the game, I feel like I have something I can do, but I'm not FORCED to do it like WoW feels like. That might change end game, but I honestly am tired of being forced to valor cap and rep grind and run LFR's over and over with coins if I want to raid the end game content. That was one of the reasons I liked Wrath so much, it allowed freedom to grind your ass off and get gear quickly, or take it slow and steady.

    But enough about WoW, and enough about the gameplay, graphics (AMAZING!!!), and other shit in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. You need to buy this game for ONE reason only. The soundtrack. So much nostalgia going through my head of Final Fantasy 7-10 with the battle music and the chocobo music. Ahh, I literally have just sat at my computer, closed my eyes, and listened to the soundtrack of this game for 30+ minutes. BUY THIS GAME. It's worth it. It's an incredible game, with a great company behind it. I can see this game going far if people stick with it.
  3. Inarix

    Inarix New Member

    Honestly questing is the same as every other MMO with some nice Final Fantasy flair added. Nothing wrong with this just not too much new.

    That said there are tons of things I do like about this game. Fates, while not a new thing, are definitely awesome. I love the concept of an event just popping up and working with others to finish it.

    Other things like he concept of every single job on a single character is pretty amazing. It's a bit complicated but that's alright. I'm eager to level my glad and conj and try out paladin. I'm interested to see some of the builds people come up with with this multi class system.

    Crafting isn't something I've dove into yet and neither are the real dungeons.

    All in all, I'm extremely optimistic about this game. I might grab the CE if they have any left just to get some FF swag. Hopefully the end game is amazing as well.
  4. RaineKun

    RaineKun New Member

    First impression on FFXIV: ARR is that, I'll preface all this by saying that I enjoyed Square-Enix's first MMORPG Final Fantasy XI a lot. Of course, that game's glacially-paced leveling, but I very much enjoyed what I played (9 years of it). For all that game's flaws and representational shortcomings, it was a fun experience that did things noticeably differently from other MMORPGs. Not always for the better, no, but for some strange reason all the awkwardness its game systems created simply served to make its fans more passionate and determined to enjoy the game.

    With this in mind, I was very excited about the prospect of Final Fantasy XIV when it was first announced. It looked set to be a rethink of the way XI did things, only with significantly better graphics and some interesting-sounding game systems.

    Consequently, I was rather disappointed when the game eventually launched and was... not what it could be, to say the least. When the publisher of an MMORPG doesn't start charging subscription fees for its subscription-based MMORPG for a whole year after launch, you know there's a problem. And when people start talking about the game's slate effectively being wiped clean in favor of an all-new "Version 2.0" at some point in the near future, there's definitely a problem -- albeit one with some hope of being fixed.

    The original incarnation of Final Fantasy XIV shut down once and for all in November of last year, and alpha testing for A Realm Reborn, as the second version was now known, had already begun by this stage. The alpha and beta testing phases for the revamped game have been proceeding apace ever since then, and we're now into the penultimate phase of open beta -- a phase which, conveniently, lifts all restrictions on actually talking about the game online, but still can't show video or audio, just screenshots (Oh well).

    A Realm Reborn on PC in the hope of determining whether or not the finished product, due out in August for both PC and PS3, is actually worthy of your time, attention and money this time around. All in all, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is looking immensely promising so far.

    (This is coming from a hardcore fan of FFXI)
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  5. DBB

    DBB New Member

    2.0 so far has been a refresher for FFXIV, a huge improvement over the original and a quicker enjoyable pace from XI. I can say I will continue to enjoy this game for as long as they keep it circulating. The landscapes and visuals of the game are crisp and eye catching; my most memorable moments in XI was exploring and sight seeing, 2.0 has moved up in quality and cannot wait to explore later zones. Their expansion from XI were awesome and I look forward to what they can bring to XIV.

    So far I have only been about to solo because I could not change my status or use the duty finder, combat is very fluid and not as awkward as XI was. Auto attack, auto attack, auto attack, random skill usage, auto attack, auto attack, WEAPONSKILL, back to auto attacking. I have had fun so far playing on my pugilist up to 15 before I couldn't log in again.

    I only have a couple gripes with XIV though that are minor at most but do not break my enjoyment from the game. Those stupid blue floating orbs that separate a zone, I don't care to see them, don't know if you can turn them off, and if you can I have not found it. The zones don't seem as expansive as XI was and feel cluttered with enemies, hopefully this will be reduced as time goes on when numbers in zones being to thin out (one of the mistakes they started XIV 1.0 with, not enough monsters and slow spawn rates). Character models also feel very clunky/robotic and feel as if they are moving faster than they animate.
  6. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    I have never been a big fan of final fantasy at all, i have played some of the console games and enjoyed them of course but they were never my favorite games, when i first heard of final fantasy xiv a realm reborn i knew of its previous version was a failure so i did not have high hopes for A Realm Reborn AT ALL, so i went ahead and signed up for the beta in hopes to get in to check it out myself, eventually i got in at Phase 2 and started playing, i was fairly surprised with it, the questing was nothing new but it was fun and enjoyable it wasn't the same as every other MMO that seems to have 'Please kill x - amount of this mob' over and over again, there was some separation between that which is good.

    So leveling up and questing is fairly fun in this game, the class system and job system is a huge refresher to the MMO genre being you can be any class and have any job you want with just 1 character the need for alts is basically eliminated which in my eyes is an amazing thing! For example in WoW it got to the point i had way to many alts to keep up with, it became difficult to where eventually i just gave away the idea of playing more then 2 or 3 classes because it was too much to keep up with having 11 characters +

    I have been a tank in WoW for the past 7 years and along with every other mmo i have played i have tanked so i was excited to try the tanks in this game, in Phase 3 i played a Gladiator and tanked as a glad, i enjoyed it alot, Now in phase 4 open beta i have been playing a Marauder and i have tanked the first 3 dungeons as a Mara, The dungeons are very enjoyable for what they are and they have some interesting fights (Most notably to me the slimey boss in the mines dungeon in Ul'dah i believe is where its located)

    What i enjoy most about the game is that its not simple faceroll, that applies to the combat, with the 2.5 second cooldown on most abilities you have to worry about chaining and other stuff, you have to decide what you are going to use you have to use your brain and you have to be smart about it, you cant just go in the game and spam one ability and be ok like in most mmo's these days, It is challenging for new people i think and it makes tanking abit challenging which is very enjoyable.

    So my final thoughts on FFXIV:ARR i think it is something i will be hopefully playing for a long time to come and i think it is definitely worth the time and money, with the cost of the game only being $30 and the subscription fee being fairly low for an mmo there is no reason you shouldn't atleast give it a shot.
  7. Radrez

    Radrez New Member

    I have been a fan of FF series for a very long time, I love the style and the whole "feel" of the world square has created over the years. First impressions of FF14 was that the game looks very simple, overly so even, its whats amazing about it ; its when you think in first 5 min that its a "wow clone" and then you start exploring to find out a lot of intricacies that makes the game unique and stand out from the crowd.

    I am very intrigued by the class / job / crafting system in the game, I think its amazing idea that 1 character can do everything, provided you have enough of time and patience to level all of them. This makes every character in the game unique on completely different level and unlike like every other mmo out there means that rerolling is unnecessary. I am that kind of a person that likes to dps but also play tank or healer once in a while, in this game I can do whatever the hell I want, only limitation is the time Im willing to spend playing it.

    World of Eorzea is amazing and beautiful, filled with redic amount of content per zone. Even when leveling 1 - 20, there is a lot of different kind of content and leveling methods that one can use to level his character. First time I looked on the map I was disappointed, It looked that the game is built out of tunnels instead of open zones, I was pleased to find out that its not true at all. Zones even tho are connected by "tunnel" remain open and filled with huge amount of points of interest.

    So first impressions are 100% positive, 2.5 sec gcd doesn't even matter, if anything its better because it means that all the abilities count so picking and choosing which one to use at any given time is just simply added gameplay. UI is freaking awesome, It's probably the best UI I have seen in a mmo ever, only thing is that you can't easily compare gear you are wearing to the one in your bags but that just nitpicking. Im looking forward to the game release now more than ever,

    See you in Eorzea!
    /Radrez out
  8. Karathress

    Karathress Member

    My "1st" (not really as i had 1.0) impression on FFXIV: Carbuncle, basicly that much is said, was in the 4 instances healing 1 / 2 topaz carbuncles and was present when the ifrit group killed it with the carbuncle, LONG LIVE THE CARBUNCLE!

    Now for the real thing, as a healer perspective i saw possiblitys and improvements for myself and that makes me believe that the game will push me to a higher extent of wanting to improve, so cant complain about it neither should.

    Loved the weather, the wind on the hair, the thunder apearing in the sky and the flash soon after, sun sets, sun rises, basicly its a nice view for those who want to relax abit.

    Now to wait untill the game begins and for that FATE farm, see you on the other side!
  9. wordian

    wordian New Member

    I was a bit dissapointed at early beta testing but the game has grown on me and I did enjoy it a lot now in open beta. Could have to do with me knowing more about the game and jobs and so on.
    Crafting is something that is very time consuming in this game. Especially the gathering of materials.
    The other part only took time until you get it so you can craft several items in a row without having to do one item at a time. Many of the crafting professions are intertwined so I am doing them all.
    I love how the game is more "difficult" with mobs and some quests can be difficult if you do not watch out.
    Never been a Final Fantasy person but I do like the questing and story behind it all in this game.
    The only grief I do have is the marking of stuff on the ground when an enemy is doing an ability but it is something I can easily live with.
    The dungeons are fun and one actually have to watch threat. I play archer and go nuts with aoe and you tank it all which I found out the hard way :eek:. Leveled conjurer to 20 also even thou 15 had been enough for making a bard which I am after was more a pain to level as you got a limit on the levequests you can do plus using the FATE (which I found was the best way to level up) it made it somewhat a grind and I did the quests in the other zone but they weren't enough even with the bonus xp one got. FATE's was the best.
    I bought the game after the open beta so looking forward to play it.
  10. DarqStalker

    DarqStalker Member

    I really enjoyed myself over the weekend playing Phase 4. It might be a bit of the same, but it seemed so much different than what we've been used to. It's a fresh feeling to be playing something new that you enjoy that is different than wow. I can see myself playing this for the long term. There was so much to learn, mostly all just different terms for stuff we already have experienced before (Think of the leve system as dailies).

    I enjoy the fact that every character can perform every job. It was kind of odd when I realized there really isn't a talent system either.. Although I guess this is addressed with the ability to use cross abilities, this is what gives each class their own unique flavor. Although I assume down the road the min/maxers will figure out what the best cross abilities to use will be.

    I dabbled a bit with various profession classes and I really enjoy it. You are move involved in the crafting process rather than just pressing a button and out pops an item. Fishing was different. I like the bait system. I only wish the fishing log would update itself with which bait was used to catch certain fish, so that we wouldn't have to remember. I imagine later in the game, there will be lots of bait to use and it will become harder to remember which to use and where and for which fish.

    I played an ARC to 20, and CNJ to 19, had fun with both. Only complaint was CNJ's lack of offensive abilities for questing, but didn't pose any real problems for completing quests. Ran all 3 dungeons with both classes with ease. Healing was easy as well.
  11. Zonrath

    Zonrath Member

    Going to use a 5 star (*) system.

    Graphics were simply amazing, probably the best I have ever seen in a PC game so far. *****

    Questing, annoyed that I had to click a gazillion times to take the quest or complete it. *

    Crafting System was nice, I ran from my starter area at level 5 to another starter area and got the port to it so when I hit level 10, I could take all of the professions offered ( aside from the cooking/fishing which required the airship at level 15 to get to the pirate island. ) Giving this a *** only because I have always been a huge fan of fishing/cooking in games and wish I did not have to wait until level 15 to get those 2.

    GCD was a little too slow for my liking but I guess it wasn't too bad because the mob were not hard at all ( too easy imo ) **

    The Teleport skill cost a bit too much gil to use imo BUT, was a nice feature to have so I give it *** simply because of the cost to use it.

    Overall I liked the game but it felt a lot like a single player game with the exception of the fates so I give the game a ****

    Does anyone know if they are wiping the beta 4 toons for launch or will we be able to pick up where we left off? Not really looking forward to doing everything all over again if we need to.
  12. Zonrath

    Zonrath Member

    OH, I just remembered and this is a major point ( at least for me ). I am a left handed mouser and so over the years I have learned to play all games ( excluding FPS ) with the number pad so the first thing I usually do in games is rebind all keys to make it comfortable for me to play. The rebinding was a total nightmare bitch. It took me a while to rebind because most games you just unbind and rebind and bam, you're done, but this game, you have to unbind the key you want to rebind, reassign it a new key then bind the one you want to bind. Major fail on there part as far as I am concerned. So because of that, I drop the overall score of the game to *** from a previous **** for not being left handed user friendly :rolleyes:

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