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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Guilds' started by ArbiterX, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. ArbiterX

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    Recruitment is Closed for the Free Company as of today, Thank You to all who have shown interest we have had the post up for almost 4 weeks (2 days off). We got a overwhelming amount of Interest for guild & we are gunna to stop recruitment there for now & until further notice. Its now a waiting game on if all of the people who showed interest will actually make it to end game.

    Now for you to know this will be a serious raiding guild "this isn't a I wanna raid with Towel guild" as specified in the recruitment post. There will more likely be mutiple groups in the Free Company. We have a post about Dungeon groups "" Made by Clebzz.

    This thread here is gunan be a general chat about the game & Free Company what your excited & looking forward.

    Post anything about FF14 ARR here, This is bascially are general chat until the Free Company is up & running in-game.

    I will continue to update the post here on topics & such.

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  2. DrunkenVeteran

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    Saw this on the FF:XIV RR Reddit. Figured I'd post it here.

    Disciples of the Land, Gearsheet & Foodbuffs

    • You can adjust yellow cells (e.g. Experience Level) to your personal preference, but before you can do so you need to make a local copy.
    • The gearsheet has been pre-filled with Miner gear using normal quality crafted or quested gear. You can adjust your gear to Botanist, Vintage and Grand Company gear in the GearMatrixExtended tab.
    • Fisher mainhand and offhand information is currently unavailable. Sorry =(
    • There is currently no support for High Quality gear or Materia because stat caps aren't known yet.
    • Suggested food buffs are not calculated automatically. You can find my calculations per food buff in the FoodMatrix tab. If you use HQ, Vintage, GC or Materia chances are you can start using certain food items at an earlier level.
  3. TheUnknowing

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    Very excited about the game and very excited to play with every one and raid!
    cant wait for it.
  4. DarqStalker

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  5. DrunkenVeteran

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  6. eur00

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  7. Jardon00

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    I cannot wait till friday, I think I'll be working when it first starts, but I'll be down for leveling right after!
  8. ArbiterX

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    2 AM - 5 AM is when its suppose to start in NA, I'm not sure about EU time.
  9. DarqStalker

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  10. ventlus

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    You and majority of people i partied with in beta lol. I had gotten my pgl to 35 so decided to glad after that got to 30, and if i didn't mark the targets they would just attack whatever
  11. Cylestea

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    yup and it doesntvanish till u or the mod dies so if the tank dies and your next on aggro..... yeah
  12. ArbiterX

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    Mufasa had a great idea he told me on his Livestream. We aren't sure about how much of a cap Free Company's will have, but he told me that having a Linkshell for are Raiders as a private chat & allowing the FC open for some social aswell after we have all are Raiders in the Free Company. As that can give the Free Company benefits. Like we wont just have anyone in but if they are a friend or family (An you can trust them) they can get in aswell.

    Mufasa has some viewers who would like to join they may raid but not sure he has viewers will want to play the game with him & I mod Mufasa's channel and know most of his viewers myself & I personally have no problem with them joining as they can help the Free Company out get it leveled & eventually have anough seals or such to buy are Free Company House / Airship. The members will be Myself & Mufasa's responsibility & that goes for any other friend or family that anyone else wants invited they must take responsibility for them, something like how Sparty runs his guild. We will have a limit on how many people you can invite, but with Mufasa being a streamer we give him a higher cap to be fair.

    We will still be a serious Raiding Free Company for sure, but only Raiders will get the invite to the Linkshell & have priority for Mumble spots during Raid times, but also allow Family / Friends to join us in the Free Company to enjoy the game with us. :)

    I personally wanted to know on how everyone feels about this as this is something I don't wanna keep hidden, I want Everyone's opinion not just Officers.
  13. Karathress

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    I think its the best solution for the time being, for a better organization, and yes it will give you some bonus
  14. stone642

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    I can't remember where i heard it from (was a while back) but i heard that FC will be able to hold up to 512 members (don't quote me on this). I'll try to do some searching later when I am more awake. Also I like the idea of allowing family/friends as long as the FC cap will support it.
  15. kensaki

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    SE has not said what max number on FC's are and the FC UI doesn't show members cap like LSes do.
  16. Karathress

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  17. DBB

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    My thoughts.

    So you created the who wants to be a part of this guild thread, there is a vast amount of people who would like to participate. How many off that list will start out raiding with the group or that you want to start out raiding with you? How many do you know are somebody you have known for awhile that you will want to be a part of the free company right off in the beginning? When the Free Company gets created how will somebody who was on that "I want to be a part of the guild" thread that doesn't make it into the little union of the hardcore raid group get in the free company to be a part of it as an active player? Weeding out the people that only come around the once off and never show back up is the idea, but how difficult will you just decide to make it for a person on the internet, not your friend or family? Or should that thread have been, "Who wants to be a part of the linkshell, cause you may not get to be a part of the Free Company."?

    The little officer group will always have their own prerogatives that will always keep personal matters behind the collective group. How often would someone new ever be appointed for a new perspective if numbers increase. My philosophy is always open and prove yourself to be a part of, not prove yourself to get in if you never get the opportunity cause we are a close minded group. I know this philosophy though always causes drama and people don't want to hear the blunt answer of yes or no about things especially when it pertains to them. Though all structure needs a boss and its leaders, but if its all friends, how does that open for new ideas or future?
  18. DBB

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    I was not saying the idea is bad or good, just asking questions.
  19. sup3rscrub

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    Where you guys not taking some of the people who posted? I dont see my name on the spreadsheet unless the spreadsheet isnt final. I'm really looking forward to getting back into raiding, and ffxiv looks really good.
  20. ArbiterX

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    please be paitent, there are alot people & have to get everyone on the spread sheet, if your in that forum you should be on the spreadsheet eventually. Be paitent young padawan.

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