FFXIV phase 4 FC patch notes

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    By forming a free company, players will gain access to a company chest, which can be used to share items between free company members. In addition, members can accrue free company experience points and free company credits.
    • Accruing free company experience points will unlock the following features:
      • By speaking with the OIC officer of arms in any of the three cities, players can create a company crest.
      • The maximum capacity of the company chest will increase.
      • By speaking with the OIC officer of arms in any of the three cities, players can affix their company crest to gear.

      • Free company actions will become available
        The following actions can be purchased from OIC quartermasters using company credits:
        • The Heat of Battle - Increases EXP earned through battle
        • Earth and Water - Increases EXP earned through gathering.
        • Helping Hand - Increases EXP earned through crafting.
        • A Man's Best Friend - Increases EXP earned by companions.
        • Brave New World - Increases the attributes of all members under level 10.
        • Live off the Land - Increases Gathering.
        • Eat from the Hand - Increases Craftsmanship.
        • What You See - Increases Perception.
        • In Control - Increases Control.
        • That Which Binds Us - Increases spiritbonding speed.
        • Meat and Mead - Increases duration of food effects.
        • Proper Care - Slows gear wear.
        • Back on Your Feet - Reduces the duration of Weakness.
        • Reduced Rates - Reduces teleportation fees.
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    Yeah but we're not able to make a FC during P4 though because of the level 25 minimum requirement right? Or did that change?

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