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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Guilds' started by L3thalDucky, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. L3thalDucky

    L3thalDucky New Member

    Hi guys,
    Some talk of an EU guild was mentioned on the stream earlier and I decided to make this post to see how many people would be interested in creating one. I for one would love one and help out with guild management even though Towelliee said he needs some EU mods.
    Thanks for reading! :)
  2. darthsabre

    darthsabre New Member

    I'd be interested in an EU guild :)
  3. Did you already think of alliance or horde and on what server?
  4. L3thalDucky

    L3thalDucky New Member

    Well I was planning on gathering some numbers first and then deciding, in the end it would be Towelliee's decision after all :)
  5. Goregan

    Goregan New Member

    That sounds great :) As i want to start again with wow, cause you know, bountyhunters :D
  6. L3thalDucky

    L3thalDucky New Member

    I'd actually be interested in being an officer, i'm looking for a good reason to get into wow pretty seriously again :)
  7. Be_The_Sinner

    Be_The_Sinner New Member

    I'd be interested in a viewer guild as well :)
    Could be fun to start raiding with some fellow viewers
  8. luckyluk1953

    luckyluk1953 New Member

    Im pretty new to the game, but i`d like to join you, so i can learn something ! I have char on level 93/druid/healer/horde. But i can join any server, cause i have the lvl 100 boost:)
  9. tomlawz

    tomlawz New Member

    getting back into the game now that lifes settling down with works ect and would be more than interested in this idea ive been hoping something like this would come around as i dont have a US account
  10. jcbrowny

    jcbrowny New Member

    i'd be up for coming back to WoW if we got a EU guild going
  11. Sevantha

    Sevantha New Member

    I would join too :)
  12. dreadM

    dreadM New Member

    Count me in :)
  13. Fiain

    Fiain New Member

    Topics necrophilia, but i'd sign up for that if we'd decide to be "kindof serious" when it comes down to raiding. xD
  14. jcbrowny

    jcbrowny New Member

    Any news on what's happening with this?
  15. sleezie80

    sleezie80 New Member

    i would like to join too:)
  16. lickmybrawls

    lickmybrawls New Member

    i would be up for this
  17. schubs82

    schubs82 New Member

    gief Eu horde guild ^^ :)
  18. L3thalDucky

    L3thalDucky New Member

    Hi guys, yeah I stopped watching Twitch and playing wow because I hit a busy period in my life. I came back to find m Twitch account was compromised FeelsBadMan. Nice to see a bunch of people happy for an EU Viewer guild, however we still need more in my opinion... Someone would probably have to ask Towelliee to get the idea of an EU guild out there. Btw my new twitch name is Awikan :)
  19. L3thalDucky

    L3thalDucky New Member

    The EU guild is up and running! We are on EU Silvermoon Alliance! Towelliee has also joined the guild. Although small at the moment, we are hoping to grow during the Legion Launch! Add me on and message me for an invite! Awikan#2299 or Daeliina#2879
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
  20. grimdem

    grimdem New Member

    i'd be up for that

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