EU Hammersquad?

Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by Meliea_EU, May 24, 2014.

  1. Meliea_EU

    Meliea_EU New Member

    Sooo, we got some people interested in a europe division hammersquad, main purpose leveling and grouping in the first place, not as raiding guild in the first place, can still check how we progress.

    Just report in here, and if we get some people together we could start such, or at least have a look if theres enough interest.
  2. Sadzeih

    Sadzeih New Member

    Yeah why not ?! Could be a good idea.
  3. Lasse. Andersen

    Lasse. Andersen New Member

    Think it would be awsome to have a EU Hammersquad :)
  4. thisischino

    thisischino New Member

    I will join if you make the guild :) gonna be playing W* but dont have a guild to join yet :(
  5. oottsammo

    oottsammo New Member

    let me know if it is happening
  6. thisischino

    thisischino New Member

    I'd like to know still as well :)
  7. Nonni13

    Nonni13 New Member

    YES! we need a EU Hammersqad
  8. WoodShock

    WoodShock New Member

  9. Takaoshi

    Takaoshi New Member

    I would Join hammersquad on EU :)

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