Elrar has left Trion Worlds

Discussion in 'Rift' started by ArbiterX, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member


    People prbly wondering what does Arb think about this, I personally think without Elrar there screwed, He did a great job as CM he almost reminds me of Lore alot, but Elrar was a cool guy everyone loved him & I feel bad for the Rift fans you lost the best CM you ever get. From the forum post people are freaking out & such I believe the worse is yet to come.

    Everyone from the Livestream we all know how awesome Elrar is & how funny he was trolling Towelliee all the time. Turning him into a Sleep & summoning Bosses to kill him when he else expects it.

    As people to see more people go, Trion has been declining ever so slowly & I personally feel they could be looking a parent company soon or they could get bought out.

    For me personally, most know I dislike Rift as a game. but when Elrar was around I actually watched as he made the game interesting & actually wanted to join in on the fun sometimes. I'm actually sadden by this myself & hope what ever he does in future we will see him again soon :)
  2. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    I dont play rift any more but elrar was pretty awesome, shame to see him go.
  3. towelliee

    towelliee Administrator Staff Member

    I am anxious to see where he goes next. Hopefully an MMO we play.
  4. elrar

    elrar New Member

    Stopped by at the start of the stream today - not sure what the future holds just yet but thinking about streaming MMO's, Cult Classics, and/or Scary Games in the meantime!

    Links are in my sig, I might join you with an alt in FFXIV.
  5. elrar

    elrar New Member

    Nice website btw!
  6. towelliee

    towelliee Administrator Staff Member


    I thought you went pissed on me cause of that trouble starter on forums about gay slurs and shit. It's sad to see the same dude cropping twitter comments of mine to make me out to be something like that :(

    Glad we still cool.
  7. elrar

    elrar New Member

    Nah, we talked about it on Skype. I just got busy, haha happy we cleared that up!
  8. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    Following you on twitch and twitter elrar, hope to catch a stream or something soon!
  9. wordian

    wordian New Member

    Good thing to see your here James. Was wondering why you weren't on the Rift show anymore. Hope to see you stream some good fun games. Followed you :rolleyes:.
  10. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Elrar your always welcome around the stream, come & say hey sometimes plz :)

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