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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by towelliee, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. BuzzerkGaming

    BuzzerkGaming New Member

    applied and hoping to here back <3 to the hammer squad
  2. fatpally

    fatpally New Member

    Well i took the inititative and attempted another application i hope maybe to one day join this elite grp of broadcasters
  3. Mushmouth

    Mushmouth New Member

    I would like to be apart of The Hammer Squad stream team..

    Info about myself:

    Hey, My name is Ronald but i go by mushmouth on Twitch.Tv. I'm a full time partner
    streamer for 2 years and 7 months I'm also Sponsored by SteelSeries OCZStorage and
    much more.

    I run a gaming focused Twitch channel in which I have over 17.000 Follows & over
    270 subs.

    I stream Warcraft CSGO Overwatch and some games that my follows and sub want to play

    ALIAS: Mushmouth
    TWITTER: Mushmouthgaming
    FACEBOOK: Muushmouthgaming
    YOUTUBE: Mushmouthgaming
  4. TheDragonWolf

    TheDragonWolf New Member

    Towelliee, I've applied to the Stream team again under dragonofwolves.
  5. Darkhorse

    Darkhorse New Member

    Hola all, i have just applied, hopefully I can get into the stream team, been a huge fan of many of the streamers and would love to be a part of it.

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