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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by towelliee, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. veritasfili

    veritasfili New Member

    Just Applied Hope a get in and get to see all your lovely faces!
  2. DeejayKnight

    DeejayKnight New Member

    I applied about a month ago and had a FANTASTIC time at TwitchCon! Sadly, no @towelliee selfie at the Paladins booth, but there's always next year!

    Here's hoping I get in! Good luck everyone!
  3. Maniak

    Maniak New Member

    Just submitted my application! Thank you for your consideration!
  4. Wingman700

    Wingman700 New Member

    Applied! Can't Wait to hear back from you guys! Legion Beta HYPE!!
  5. SketchScarz

    SketchScarz New Member

    Hey my name is SketchScarz. I've been streaming for bout a year now and would love to be a part of the Hammer Squad. I am an educator of all things technology on my stream and have my own channel @!

    I stream usually all day everyday, and am actively participating in networking with others to join the Teamspeak or Ventrilo in game voice servers, substantially increasing odds in our favor because of the in game comms. I am a database developer and Operating System analyst. I have true skill when it comes to ensuring that a computer is responsive when clicked and loads in a more than marginal amount of time.

    I am a musician of 25 years and also stream playing music talk bout abnd theorize about technology and music. My quest to assist the streamer network with IRON CLAD TechSupport, enabling and empowering Streamers.

    I have been a passionate fan of Lirik SodaPoppin and the one and only Towelliee for as long as they have been composing their art and entertaining the masses.

    About a year ago I started working @ Dell World Headquarters. I thought to myself what an awesome opportunity to stream with my friends and show people!

    Gaming has been substantial part of my life and as a passionate gamer since I was a small child. I started playing ATARI with Pro AM, and pong. Later, around 7 years old Mom got me a Nintendo Entertainment system with Duck Hunt and Super Mario BROS. Stoked as a kid, I added to my collection as new ga
  6. ProjectEightball

    ProjectEightball New Member

    I applied in game on PS 2. IGN name would be ProjectEightball
  7. Laughingman86

    Laughingman86 New Member

    Sent a app heard from a friend about what you do so hoping for the best!
  8. ZaPpY_33

    ZaPpY_33 New Member

    Applied also
  9. Bunneh

    Bunneh New Member

    Thanks Lula, it was super simple to apply! :p
  10. TheBattlemaster

    TheBattlemaster New Member

    Applied, hope to hear from you soon :)
  11. Khalysi

    Khalysi New Member

    Applied!! Hope to join THS =) HAMMERSUP
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
  12. Diarslade

    Diarslade New Member

    Applied a few days ago, but I was having some forum issues! They are all fixed and I can post now, yay! =D is me and I look forward to hearing back from you guys. Hammersup!
  13. Oliwer Kelvis

    Oliwer Kelvis New Member

    Applied today :D / oliwerkel
  14. Frozone64

    Frozone64 New Member

    Hey guys, how do I become a subscriber? Plz help. Kthx :D
  15. Deloriah

    Deloriah New Member

    Applied around 2 weeks ago hope to here back from you guys soon. :D
  16. Frozone64

    Frozone64 New Member

    I need help, how do I become a sub on towelliees twitch channel?
  17. Dennis Johnson

    Dennis Johnson New Member

    Applied a couple days ago! I may be a little smaller but my fan base is die hard just like the fans of the hammer squad! Regardless if i get in love what you guys do and ill continue to support everyone in ut!
  18. Dennis Johnson

    Dennis Johnson New Member

    Go over to his twitch channel and click on the sub button! Really easy
  19. Amenojaku

    Amenojaku New Member

    When all hope dies , you are alone , in the dark :eek: , alone :eek: ... so alone :eek: ... even if its ganna kill you ... The degenerates flag HAMMER SQUAD is behind and you think o_O .... is this the day :(:(:( ? well.... :oops::oops:

    :mad::mad: HELL YEA :mad::mad: !!! i will Applie and wish you all good luck and a nice day/night :rolleyes: :confused::confused: and dont forget to Bring the Towel. :cool:
  20. Dolyttle

    Dolyttle New Member

    I have applied. =) For those of you interested. I play Overwatch. I am Second highest level in the WORLD. Top level in the US =D The very first person to level 1000 in the US as well. Please feel free to stop in and shoot the breeze! I am going for US first Gold Portrait. Its only a few days away!! ^.^ Hope to see you all there...

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