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Discussion in 'Hammer Squad Stream Team' started by towelliee, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. towelliee

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  2. Spoonmore

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    Hello there, I'm Spoonmore of Games Are Magic. I come from a family of gamers and have been gaming since I was 3, being the "Player 2" on games with the controller unplugged. Due to school and work, I try to stream every week day around 7:00 pm to at least 10:00pm EDT. I play a mass variety of games from brand new AAA titles to 0.99 cent indie games. Right now, I'm trying to catch "Hype Trains" of new games to get my viewer and follower count up there, so if you like me come watch!:p

    EDIT: I didn't know it was a form now lol! Sorry!



  3. Gr0ver22

    Gr0ver22 Member

    Awesome Lula!! Applied!
  4. Wilson4721

    Wilson4721 New Member

    Applied! Thanks for making this Lula!
  5. Shadraak

    Shadraak New Member

    applied a few days ago as well, messed up on my averages but that's ok .... Congrats to all of those recently added. and soon to be added to this wonderful team.
  6. Bigirish81

    Bigirish81 New Member

    Applied! Thanks Lula!
  7. Mirrormask

    Mirrormask New Member

    Just sent my application in as well. Hope to hear back from you.
  8. Ghost

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  9. Datguy421

    Datguy421 New Member

    Applied. Been grinding on twitch for over 1 year ready to represent the hammer squad :) Hey its DATGUY!
  10. Tuyter

    Tuyter New Member

    Hey, how do i apply ? :) Thanks !
  11. Ghost

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  12. Raging Otters

    Raging Otters New Member

    Hey Towelliee! OhhJenn and I have started a duo stream with dual gameplay being broadcasted. We have a ton of fun on our channel and would love nothing more than to join The Hammer Squad if you have any openings! We submitted our application a couple of weeks and can't wait to hear back from you.
  13. JeanneNicole

    JeanneNicole New Member

    Applied a few weeks ago! Taka told me to apply. Can't wait to hear back. :) would love to rep the hammer squad :)
  14. HammerRazor

    HammerRazor New Member

    I just sent my application in and if any one would like a follow on their channel hit me up :) Thank you Lula and HAMMERS UP
  15. A_Hairy_Slug

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  16. ShinodaCM

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  17. Dodgerx

    Dodgerx New Member

    Thanks for the opportunity for a spot on the team!
  18. Pallen

    Pallen New Member

    Applied today! love ya Luna and Towellieee
  19. HelpingHans

    HelpingHans New Member

    Just applied, thanks for the opportunity to join your prestigious organisation.

    Yours Sincerely,


  20. Digidan2005

    Digidan2005 Member

    Sent an app in! Hope to have the opportunity of making the squad!

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