Apply to The Hammer Squad WildStar Guild!

Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by towelliee, May 1, 2014.

  1. XxSXBxX

    XxSXBxX New Member

    Applied =D
  2. Steeler_Is_Bad

    Steeler_Is_Bad New Member

    Applied. Good luck guys!
  3. Hyphnx

    Hyphnx New Member

    Been on the waiting status for a few weeks. Let me know if you need anymore information.
  4. Wilson4721

    Wilson4721 New Member

    me too man.. me tooooo #thefeels
  5. Just signed up! :D
  6. Igniter

    Igniter Member

    Applied! If only accepted as a bench warmer until you gain confidence in my internet well thats ok. I've done hardcore raiding in Chinese and I can barely speak it.

    I forgot to add in there X_X Any ranged DPS/healer will do. I don't care, I've tried all the classes and they all feel really good. I'm more than happy filling in roles, which is what I did with my hardcore Taiwan/Chinese WoW guilds (which I think I forgot to go into detail on in my app X_X)
    Last edited: May 28, 2014
  7. AnthonyGG

    AnthonyGG Member

    Applied, hope I can get into the guild, if not a raiding spot.
  8. kerolos25

    kerolos25 New Member

    applied hope i get in :)
  9. Igniter

    Igniter Member

    Any idea if the app backlog will be gone through before launch? Mesa worried I may need to apply to other guilds. :x Maybe towelliee said something on stream recently?
  10. Llerrok

    Llerrok New Member

    These are going to be the servers! Which one will we be on, since nexus isn't there?
  11. Mercallias

    Mercallias New Member

    just applied last night i kno its pretty much full already.. late sub probs >.<
  12. h0nkeythekid

    h0nkeythekid New Member

    What server is everyone going to be on? I am holding off making my character so I can get the right server.. although the network issues are another
  13. Llerrok

    Llerrok New Member

  14. Chrons

    Chrons New Member

    Just applied. Do I have to be lvl 50 and a sub to channel?
  15. Woobies

    Woobies New Member

    Something weird happened, I was checking on my application status earlier today on (THSWS) and it said waiting.
    A while later I checked again after taking a short break in playing Wildstar. It said accepted. I was totally stoked. Then I could not find any message to whom I would need to seek in order to get the invite. I went back to the same page and refreshed it and it now says Waiting... Well at least it does not say declined.
  16. Cerkus

    Cerkus Member

    Sent my application, still no replay after over a week now. Guess Warrior DPS isn't that important anymore.
  17. Robdizzle623

    Robdizzle623 New Member

    too much work to app. just inv me F&F! lol

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