Anyone Interested in Wildstar

Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by ArbiterX, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

  2. Melonbrew

    Melonbrew New Member

    Can't wait to get my hands on it.

    Glad it's going to be awhile till it's out. About to become a dad again so MMO's are a NO NO for a few months.
  3. SniperElit3

    SniperElit3 New Member

    Gratz Melon cant wait fir this game either No key yet though :(
  4. fatpally

    fatpally New Member

    no key yet this might acutually be the first game that will not have a "open beta" kinda sad really you hype a game to the point of frenzy and you limit how many keys are going out
  5. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    If it wasn't for NCSoft & their stupid IP tracking, I would prbly lend my account to someone for the weekend.

    Don't worry Blizzard has the same stupid IP tracking too, but you don't have to confirm by email at all. For Wildstar a different IP & you gotta confirm for every log in as you can only have 1 IP saved.
  6. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    As long as you didn't enter the code, I know folks gave there keys out to other folks.
  7. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    I have already given away 2 keys, I got one for myself back in May / June 2013. But have yet to get full access only stress test access. Been reinvited 3 times for Winter Beta. 2 times in CBT 3.

    So a total of 5 times. The sad part is I have completely lost interest in Wildstar (I Blame Hype). I loved it in CBT3 that I was willing to drop WoW for it, Now I don't even think it is even worth it.

    It's just boring now, like I have played a total of 4 hours this Stress Test Weekend & after doing the Raid Testing a couple times with some people that had access to it that allowed me to join in on them as they had a extra spot. I don't feel it is even worth it to level anymore, I'm worried all this hype for Wildstar will kill the game like it did for other MMOs, Yet I feel the game will be dead before it even releases.

    The only people who know about the game are MMOs players like most of us. I asked most of my friends who use to play WoW & they have no clue what Wildstar is, Litteral Quote from my buddy Alex, when I showed him the game (Dev Speaks) "What is this some kind of MMO made for kids?". Hell he was someone who criticized Pandas when they came out, but he doesn't play so he didn't really care what Blizzard did or what they put in as i is their game. Yet they know WoW has a new expansion coming out & they don't even follow MMO news & I don't talk to them about WoW unless they ask about it or it is brought up by one of them.
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  8. Impactus37

    Impactus37 New Member

    I just watched a video of the YogsCast running the first instance/dungeon (well... at least half of it). Looked like fun.
    Would really love to try Wildstar myself but sadly I didn´t get an invite yet. I don´t want to pre-order a game that I have not tested... but it looks interesting ;).
  9. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    I just now the game shows promise, and something I am looking forward to play.
  10. Mcaffee

    Mcaffee New Member

    Yes I am looking forward to Wildstar for some reason when watching either the carbine vids or stuff that Towelliee or others stream I start to grin like an idiot.
    I was already going to buy this game from some of the early stuff I read or had seen then they introduced the Chua and well I want this game to come out like tmrw if possible :D

    Should any of you have a spare beta key or the like then you would make me a very happy camper :p
  11. Divine

    Divine New Member

    Played in 3 stress betas already

    one of the best mmos that i have ever played!
  12. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Ok I'm gunna do something nice today, I have a Wildstar account that is open for someone to use this weekend.
    Ya I heard the same thing with other MMOs too ;).
  13. Divine

    Divine New Member

    well this game is really great
    you can feel it when u play :D
  14. reymious

    reymious New Member

    im stupid excited for Wildstar. its the first MMO in a while that has peaked my interest. im still hopeful to get a beta key. do we know if there is gonna be a guild in it for us subs? like one we make? cuz i would love to be apart of that too when it goes live
  15. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    Yeah need to have a solid 40 man team. Have this weekend to see what tank I want to play, thinking Warrior but the Engineer looks awesome too.
  16. DrunkenPandaQQ

    DrunkenPandaQQ New Member

    gawd can't wait for this game
  17. PyrielAtlas

    PyrielAtlas New Member

    I am excited I hope I can play it soon!
  18. Rivalz_

    Rivalz_ New Member

    Been waiting for about 2 years on my beta key.... all but given up hope of getting one. :(
  19. Ezekyl17

    Ezekyl17 New Member

    I am very interested, really cannot wait for this game!! Going to run a tank.
  20. Soulshocks

    Soulshocks New Member

    I got my first weekend key today. Signed up for the beta back before they merged their system with NC soft, still no full access key. Saw a post the other day from carbine saying they are using RNG for who to send full keys to.

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