Anyone Interested in Wildstar

Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by ArbiterX, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX Member

    Interested in Wildstar post here, I will not be making a guild. But others are welcome to step up & make it happen.
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  2. Jardon00

    Jardon00 Member

    I'm definitely interested in Wildstar, the amount I'll be able to play will of course depend on what is going on with WoW and the raiding there, but I'd definitely be interested in doing some downtime type raiding as my schedule allows
  3. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    WildStar is the next MMO I am going to try out, really hope it has it. Going with a tank but thats just what I always play. Want it to be great.
  4. Faithless

    Faithless New Member

    I am anticipating this game very much. I can't wait for it to come out. I'd like a change from WoW for a little bit only because I've been playing it for years.
  5. tuphatDimes

    tuphatDimes New Member

    Played in a stress test this weekend. Can't wait for live. It looks and feel clean as fuck.
  6. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    Bah!! Lucky, would be happy with a stress test as well.

    Anyone have a Friend Beta key to give away?
  7. Scylloga

    Scylloga New Member

    Will there be coming an Eu guild aswell ?
  8. fatpally

    fatpally New Member

    I'd like to play wild star and with cross realm content I feel a community guild would be a good alternative in wow
  9. Trayjin

    Trayjin New Member

    I cant wait to play this game. I have been perusing the wildstar subreddit trying to win all the little friend key giveaways but it hasn't worked so far. I hope I get lucky enough to get one in the mail but that hasn't come about either. When the game does finally come out I am definitely hoping you guys get a guild going.
  10. Lasse. Andersen

    Lasse. Andersen New Member

    From what i have seen this is the most promising MMO i have seen and hope to get into the winter bet.
  11. wordian

    wordian New Member

    I am not getting my hopes up for yet another MMO. There has been so many and none have been able to keep me playing them because of different reasons.
    New MMO's always look promising and fun as one wants something new to play but then after 1-3 months it all tend to crumble. Sure some will stay and play but most will return to the MMO they are already playing.
    I haven't seen anything in this game yet that makes me go "I HAVE TO HAVE IT!".
    Will have to wait and see how it plays out.
  12. Exopii

    Exopii New Member

    I actually deleted a key for the stress test a while ago... Still looking forward to it, though!
    Was hoping to get an actual beta key - but no such luck with Wildstar... :/
  13. Simon

    Simon New Member

    cant wait! :D
  14. corey stone

    corey stone New Member

    Diffidently going to play it, but with my commitment to 3D modeling the electrical system for the new Vikings stadium, im not sure if i will have a ton of time to make that first wave of max toons raiding. I will get there eventually, but an hour a night im sure wont be enough to get there fast.
  15. TheUnknowing

    TheUnknowing Member

    So i recently decided i will be playing wildstar at launch and have been looking for a guild so fuck it, i will make the guild if any one here wishes to join, i will check on this thread periodically and if there is enough interest i will set up a thread for a guild.
  16. Envykiie

    Envykiie New Member

    As a high end raider in wow i don't see Wildstar that great but i will for sure play it when i'm bored with wow. I have played Tera and i don't really like the aim system"next future of mmo syle". I really like and enjoy how tab target and click target frames are in wow etc. I know Wildstar have both click on frames and Aim healing but ye.
  17. Collected1

    Collected1 Member

    I feel like the Wildstar hype bubble has deflated quite a bit since Christmas. They really seemed to be on a roll with a lot of people talking about the game.. streaming it.. a lot of new stuff being revealed and in general it was all getting very exciting but since Christmas it's felt a bit flat to me. Maybe they intentionally didn't want the game to peak at the wrong time. With no release date or pre orders I suspect they've missed Spring and may be looking at Summer release window now.
  18. Dulayne

    Dulayne New Member

    It will be interesting to check this out, but is there any ETA?
  19. Eneroth

    Eneroth Member

    It's in the beta now, so it should be coming out soon. My guess is Spring or Summer at the latest for it be out.
  20. Caleisa

    Caleisa New Member

    I'm definitely interested!:)

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