Amazing stream quality fools coworkers!

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Srixtoja, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Srixtoja

    Srixtoja New Member

    So my boss just sent out a mass email to our cube farm saying, in so many words, 'stop playing video games at your desk, everybody!' and I'm completely certain it's because of Towelliee's amazing video quality on my monitor every day.

    On one occasion I had someone stand behind me, watching, then conspiratorially lean down and ask 'what are you playing?', to which I responded, this isn't me playing, see? *takes hands off keyboard* I'm just watching this guy on the internet while I do this data entry.

    Today, someone else came over and saw me 'playing' Hizzy as I ate lunch, to which I gave the same response. An hour later, boss sends above email to everyone on the team.

    They're not old guys, either.

    So kudos on amazing stream quality, keep it up.

    I know I will.
  2. JessyQuil

    JessyQuil New Member

    My coworkers get confused too when I watch twitch, they think I'm gaming instead! It's an IT department too, so there isn't much 'computer confusion' excuse.

    Looks like we just watch MLGs ;P

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