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Discussion in 'Looking For Players' started by Thorh13, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Thorh13

    Thorh13 Member

    For the People that don't know. Both Parties have to add each other as friends if you add my FC i have to add you aswell to be friends on the 3DS so ill post mine and ill check back here to add other people. I'm ordering the 3DS capture device and plan to be Streaming alot more especially when Pokemon X comes out. So if you're interested stop by Twitch.TV/Thorh13 and hit that follow button

    FC: 1736-0384-4292
  2. Thorh13

    Thorh13 Member

    WTF am I the only one with 3DS?
  3. electman23

    electman23 New Member

    heres mine FC: 0189-8580-1609
  4. Skyliner

    Skyliner Moderator

    i'm scared
  5. Diablo2071

    Diablo2071 New Member

    Just got my 3DS like a week ago.. my code is : 2509-1273-8637
  6. Thorh13

    Thorh13 Member

    Added don't forget to add me :D
  7. FeelingThis

    FeelingThis New Member

    FC: 1220 - 6549 - 7480
    Can't wait until Pokemon X/Y! I wish they'd give us a R/S/E remake in the meantime though.....
  8. Norender

    Norender New Member

    I have a 3ds just not around me i will post it next time i get to it/ find it :D
  9. Ohmydinosaur

    Ohmydinosaur New Member

    My husband bought me a 3ds a few weeks ago for my birthday :) FC: 4527-7931-2783
  10. Xaighen

    Xaighen New Member

    FC: 0791-1035-7270 mostly Animal Crossing: New Leaf adding everyone
  11. Thorh13

    Thorh13 Member

    Don't forget you have to add us aswell for it to work it doesn't send requests you both have to add each other for it to work :)
  12. Currently playing Animal Crossing New Leaf

    Friend Code: 5370-1717-2455
  13. Darkjoker37

    Darkjoker37 Member

    ACNL for days
  14. Niccyxo

    Niccyxo New Member


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